Directing The Now


Design: Sam Kotrba
At the beginning of my 2020 college semester each student was asked to work on a personal manifesto with an accompanying artifact for our senior showcase. I decided to center my project around future-focused thinking. I wanted to highlight its important impact on both me personally, as well as how it can impact our community.

Initially this project was designed to exist in a physical gallery space. The plan was to hang acrylic glass sheets from the ceiling with transparent graphics printed on top of them, so that viewers could stand behind them and have their picture taken with the themed graphics shaped around their heads.

When we transitioned to an online experience due to Covid-19, the project’s concept was able to live on using Augmented Reality. I was able to achieve the same results using an instagram face filter on a much wider scale of public use and visibility.

In the end I’m proud of the way it was able to adapt and excited by its evolution. If you’d like to try using the filter I encourage you to click here or visit the filter tab on my Instagram.